What are people saying about Denver Physical Therapy and our skilled physical therapists?

"I have sent hundreds of patients to Denver Physical Therapy over the past 4 years.  They consistently provide outstanding hands on therapy, producing great results and happy patients.  Thanks DPT!"

-Leslie Vidal, MD


“I have had problems with dizziness since I can remember and after physical therapy I am back to enjoying the things I have not been able to do for so long.”


“I have had physical therapy at other locations for the same injury, and feel that Carlton was more able to zero in on my needs quickly, and to my satisfaction.”


“Trinette is an excellent therapist with outstanding abilities and goes above and beyond what is required.”


“Jeff is very patient. I have had many therapists and Jeff was one of the best.”


“I am working with Erika at Denver Physical Therapy and she is excellent. They are caring yet push you appropriately. When I first went I was in a great deal of shoulder pain and I have made tremendous progress!!!”