What is Pilates?

Pilates-based exercise emphasizes the mind-body connection by focusing on the whole body. It begins with the "powerhouse" or core muscles and works outward. This exercise and specific instruction / education concentrates on regaining desired functional movement patterns. Thus, the individual gains body knowledge and learns proper alignment. These are skills which carry over to daily activities.

What is the outcome of Pilates-based treatment?

With proper Pilates training, an individual develops balanced muscle strength and endurance, increased flexibility, and improved postural alignment. Most importantly, they gain a muscle memory; thus, proper form and "normal" movement becomes automatic.

Is Pilates appropriate for you?

Pilates practitioners can adjust the intensity of the exercise to meet the needs of the individual. Whether you are someone who is suffering from chronic pain or you are a high-level athlete, Pilates is an effective whole body form of exercise and functional retraining.

What Pilates patients have said:

"Pilates was the one exercise I could do that did not increase my low back pain."

"My headaches are almost completely gone thanks to Pilates and manual therapy at Denver Physical Therapy."

"Pilates taught me how to move my body correctly so my low back pain did not return."

Pilates is offered at our downtown center at the Colorado Athletic Club.

If you have additional questions regarding our Pilates treatment, please contact us today.