Medical Bike Fit Assessment

What is a Medical Bike Fit Assessment?

A Medical Bike Fit Assessment is a unique program developed to analyze and correct cycling issues such as proper fit, riding comfort, and performance problems. Our licensed physical therapists, who have been specifically trained, perform a wide range of specific tests to determine strengths and weaknesses as they relate to cycling.

What occurs during a Medical Bike Fit Assessment?

Our licensed physical therapists perform a bio-mechanical evaluation, which determines how your body moves in the cycling process. Our licensed physical therapists will begin with a head to toe examination to make sure you have enough range of motion, mobility, flexibility, and strength to be able to ride without injuring your body. If limitations are seen by the physical therapist, the proper course of treatment to best benefit you is determined. These strengths and weaknesses are used to ensure a proper fit to your bike.

Then your bike is attached to a CompuTrainer ® spin scan unit where your natural riding is analyzed. You are on your bike, wearing the gear in which you normally ride, and in the exact position you naturally assume while riding.

This information, combined with the therapist’s professional bio-mechanical assessment, aids the therapist in making corrections to your position or equipment. A precise and medically based bike fit is done to help prevent injury, make your ride more comfortable, and ensure the most effective use of your energy.

Who will benefit from a Medical Bike Fit Assessment?

  • Triathletes
  • Cross Country Cyclists
  • Cyclo-Cross
  • Hand Cyclists

We offer our Medical Bike Fit Assessments at our Castle Rock  center and our downtown Denver center at the Colorado Athletic Club

If you would like to schedule a Bike Fit Assessment, please contact us today.