Ergonomic Assessments

What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

An ergonomic assessment is an evaluation to determine if a work station is appropriately set up for an individual to be able to work at their most optimal level throughout the day.  In addition to looking at the work station, our licensed physical therapists review job tasks and how they are performed.

What information is learned from an Ergonomic Assessment?

Recommendations are made on the appropriate set-up of the work station including: chair, monitor, keyboard and mouse, telephone, work space, paperwork, etc.  We will also provide instructions on what to do during the day to maintain posture and flexibility.

Who can benefit from an Ergonomic Assessment?

This assessment is appropriate for those looking to prevent injury, people starting to experience problems, those being treated for an injury related to their job, or those looking to improve how they feel throughout the work day.

Let Denver Physical Therapy help create a more efficient work site for you or your employees!

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