Chip Loomis' Biography

Being a physical therapist combines three areas I enjoy in life: science, medicine, and athletics.

Why am I a Physical Therapist?

I love being a physical therapist. All day long I get to help people feel better and return to the things they enjoy doing in life; from running marathons to strolling in the park, from swinging golf clubs to playing with their children. Plus being a physical therapist combines three areas I enjoy in life: science, medicine, and athletics. Hopefully by the time patients are finished with physical therapy, I have educated and helped them appreciate how science, medicine, and athletics are intertwined with their particular injury.

Unique Skills and Emphasis

My emphasis as a Physical Therapist has been my hands-on skills and techniques. Combined with appropriate exercises, patients should not only get better, but also help prevent any future injuries. I have also been using Dry Needling techniques for the last year and a half and I am very pleased how it has improved patient recovery time.

Continuing Education Commitment

The physical therapy profession is constantly evolving, and it is exciting to continually learn the emerging treatment techniques and theories. A majority of my continuing education classes have been on the treatment of the spine and orthopedic injuries, with many more classes to go.

Personal Interests

A majority of my free time is spent on the bike, whether it is road biking or mountain biking. I also enjoy fly-fishing, rock climbing, soccer, and playing ultimate Frisbee.

What patients are saying about Chip

“I appreciate the time Chip took with me to help me recover from knee surgery”

“If you keep up your high quality care, you’ll put the makers of Ibuprofen out of business!”

Education Background

University of Colorado, Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2006

Texas A&M University, Bachelor of Science in Zoology, 1998


Certified Provider Trigger Point Dry Needling